Raising Earth-Friendly Kids

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Children are fast learners. Their minds are designed to learn at their tender age, and they learn through observation and instruction. Childhood is the ideal time to instill the proper values and healthy habits you would want your little ones to grow up with. Ever considered making one of those values the love for the environment in which they live?

FES has as one of its missions to educate kids of school age on the importance of caring for the surrounding in which they live. There are simple and fun ways to get children involved in this noble cause.

Outdoor Activity

Educating your kids to be earth-friendly can be as simple as encouraging them to play out of the house instead of hours in a sedentary position in front of the TV or video games. It's a way to get them to appreciate and develop a love for the sight, sounds, and feel of nature. Engage them in outdoor activities like biking, camping, swimming, or just getting them to play outside with other kids.

Instruct with Fun

If your kids are going to learn about caring for the environment, you will need to teach them in a fun-filled way that their minds can quickly grasp. Nothing too serious to make them lose interest in the process. Make them watch videos with cartoon characters that speak about caring for our environment. Putting lessons in a melody can be quite helpful too. Get environmental nursery rhymes and fill their minds with both the song and the message.

Say No to Littering

Teach your child early enough not to litter. If he/she grows up with the notion that littering is unhealthy for the environment, he/she will not adopt that practice and would consider anyone who does so as uncultured. They would grow up to be natural advocates against littering, inspiring even their peers to not litter. This should begin from home before going out to the streets. How? As they grow up, get them to tidy up their space after they play, or wash their own dishes after a meal.


It doesn't have to be in an ample space. You could have one right at your balcony. Something little to get your little ones excited about watching a plant grow. Let them handle the watering with your supervision.

Care for Pets

Plants and animals equally make up our environment as well. If you can tolerate keeping a pet around, it could be another ideal way of making your child conscious of their environment and caring for another. Get your kid a pet fish, a parrot or dove, a cat, or a dog. Let them share the responsibility of feeding the pet.

These are a few of the many ways you can bring up your child to be a responsible citizen who cares for their environment, loves nature, and is earth-friendly. As humans, we have the innate authority to shape our world the way it should be. It begins with the right information in our minds and the desire to see change.


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