About For Earth's Sake

Founded in 2017

For Earth’s Sake (FES) 

is an Association for environmental conservation, focusing particularly on the practice of and education on proper waste disposal and waste management. We aim to this through educational and sensitization programs, clean-up campaigns, youth empowerment programs for environmental sustainability.

There are several environmental challenges that affect the daily lives of thousands of people. The effects of these environmental problems are gradual and at times even unnoticed by the many who are affected. Keeping our environment healthy and educating the people towards this goal is thus of utmost importance and every single contribution towards the common goal counts. 


What We Believe

Our Driving Force

  1. We believe in the earth as belonging to God – the planet and all that there is in it.

  2. We believe in the stewardship God gave to humans to care for the earth in which they live.

  3. We believe humans are co-labourers with God on earth to implement His intentions.

  4. We believe in a healthy environment for all. Caring for the environment is caring for lives.

  5. We believe that people need to be educated on proper waste management practices in order to break the vicious cycle of irresponsible dumping and collection.

  6. We believe in educating even our kids on these practices so they grow up to implement it effortlessly

  7. We believe every little action counts, no matter how small it may appear to be.

  8. We believe it begins with you – with every one of us.


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